Roberta Colaiocco

Born in Fano in 1977, she took her Law degree in 2004 at the University of Padua.
She did her legal internship at the professional association Studio Benvenuti in Venice and obtained her licence to practice law in 2007. She was admitted to the Bar in Venice in 2007. She continued working with the professional association Studio Benvenuti until 2012 and has worked at the Legal Offices of Pavanini, Zambaradi Colaiocco & Baldin since 2013.

She mainly works in the field of Administrative law, in particular in the sector of Building and Planning, Cultural Heritage, Trade and Tourist Legislation, Local public services and Public employment.
She has also gained experience in problems regarding Labour legislation, mainly with reference to the management of work relationships, also in the sphere of disciplinary procedures, taking further the themes of compensation for patrimonial and non-patrimonial damage.
In the field of civil law, she carries out her activity in the field of contractual and extra-contractual liabilities, of executive procedures, securities and real-estate and bankruptcy procedures as well as arrangements with creditors